the trick that has remained hidden for 22 years for many players

the trick that has remained hidden for 22 years for many players


Playstation 2 It is one of the most successful consoles in all of history and was one of Sony’s golden ages in the world of video games, with one of the roundest generations and motivating the birth of some of the biggest IPs of its brand. Is about a machine with many peculiarities and epic momentsamong which stands out his starting screen, which offered joys and misfortunes in equal parts. However, beyond being the detector of whether a game worked correctly or not on the console, it has also been discovered that ps2 home screen had a trick It has taken longer than necessary to find out.

And it is that it is one of the most epic and remembered home screens in the entire history of video games, to the point that it’s really easy to hear the sound of it just by looking at an image. However, the elements that compose it could vary depending on each player, due to the number of towers surrounding the Sony Computer Entertainment logo. But what was the number of towers based on? Well, that is precisely what we are going to explain to you.

PS2 splash screen meaning: towers are save files

Almost 22 years have had to pass so that the most clueless players who had a PlayStation 2 have discovered the great mystery. And is that the meaning of the number of towers on the home screen of Sony’s second-generation console depended on the number of save files currently on the memory card, the memory card used in the machine at the time. In this way, each tower was a space dedicated to each of these games and their files.

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12 secrets and curiosities of PlayStation 2

However, it was not an eternal sequence, since this PS2 home screen process was limited to a certain number, replacing older and long-unused games with newer ones. But, there is even more, since each of the towers has a certain height and is different from the rest. What does this mean? Well very easy: the height of each of the towers determined the number of hours that had been dedicated to the game in questionbeing taller those towers that were intended for games to which more hours had been dedicated and vice versa.

PS2, Sony’s most successful console with 155 million units sold

PlayStation 2 was launched in the year 2000 and it was a revolution with respect to the first model of the Sony machine and has the privilege of being one of the longest generations in the sector, no less than 13 years in business. With over 155 million consoles sold around the world, allowed us to enjoy great works such as the saga Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Final Fantasy X, GTA III, Metal Gear Solid 3, Kingdom Hearts, God of War or Resident Evil 4, among many other successes. It had to compete with other great consoles such as GameCube, the first Xbox or Dreamcast, although none of them was able to stand up to it and come close to the tremendous leadership that Sony had with PS2 in the sixth generation of consoles.

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