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the traditional tapas of meat with tomato typical of Toledo

the traditional tapas of meat with tomato typical of Toledo

If you have traveled to Toledo, you will surely have tried one of its most emblematic recipes. Today we want to teach you how to prepare recipe for carcamusas from Toledo, the traditional tapa from the capital of Castilla-La Mancha.

As they say, it was in the Bar Ludeña, in the Plaza de la Magdalena, where José Ludeña invented this dish in the mid-20th century. It seems that the name alluded to the customers who frequented the place, who were middle-aged men or carcasses accompanied by some young ladies younger than them, whom they called his muses, and as everyone liked the dish, it began to be called carca-musas.

Legend or reality, the carcamusas recipe is a delicious preparation, with a sauce with a lot of flavor that undoubtedly everyone who tries it will like it. Don’t miss the chance to discover it when you travel to Toledo, but until then, here we tell you the recipe so you can make them at home.

In a casserole add a little oil and the chilli tip and we fry it a couple of minutes. The chilli is thrown. With the very strong fire we brown the pieces of meat, so that it is well browned on the outside but juicy on the inside. It is important to do it with the very strong fire not to cook the meat, even being preferable to fry it in batches.

Once done, season and reserve the meat. In the same pan, brown a minced garlic and the onion, also very minced. We return the meat and the we water with the white wine, letting cook over high heat, until it starts to boil.

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Then We lower the heat to a minimum and let it cook for another ten minutes approximately, until the wine is consumed, then adding the chopped chorizo ​​and the ham, and after a few minutes, we also add the peas. We mix the ingredients well and keep the heat to a minimum.

It is time to add the homemade tomato sauce, letting there the meat is finished cooking until it is very tender, which will take us another half hour. We rectify the salt and pepper and we have the carcamusas ready to serve in a clay pot.

With what to accompany the typical Toledo carcamusas

To accompany the Toledo carcamusas recipe You can make some straw potatoes or, if you wish, serve them together with some classic French fries. Tradition is serve it in a clay pot and with a good homemade bread to enjoy the sauce.

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