The month of July is coming to an end, so while we can enjoy the 3 New Games Joining Xbox Game Pass and the new Games With Gold, we have known through the Microsoft Store that it has been revealed that The Touryst and 2 other games to leave Xbox Game Pass at the end of July.

Many of you will like that some of these titles that we show you below are no longer accessible to Game Pass members either on PC or Console, but you already know that removing from the First Party titles, the rest of them only they are accessible for one season. So, take advantage of these great games before they leave Xbox Game Pass on July 31, 2021.

All Xbox Game Pass games on Xbox

The Touryst – Xbox Game Pass PC and Console

The Touryst and 2 other games to leave Xbox Game Pass

You have just arrived at the Monumental Islands. Do you want to go swimming? Or better to dive into the depths of the sea? Or do you want to visit the game room, go shopping, dance at the beach party? Do you feel like surfing? Or you will talk to the strange old tourist and hear what he has to say about these ancient and mysterious monuments …

It Lurks Below – Xbox Game Pass PC and Console

“It Lurks Below” is a retro 2D action RPG by David Brevik. Choose your character from a variety of classes, dig and explore the randomly generated underground world, find items, and battle deadly monsters to find the answers to the mystery that lurks below.

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UnderMine – Xbox Game Pass Console and PC

The Touryst and 2 other games to leave Xbox Game Pass

Join the countrymen to explore the depths of UnderMine and discover its secrets! UnderMine is an action-adventure dungeon game, combining dungeon combat and exploration with RPG-style progression. Collect gold, die trying, improve your skills and try again! Discover hundreds of items, such as relics, potions, blessings and curses, that combine and accumulate to give you a new experience in each game. Challenge powerful bosses and rescue helpful characters who will bring you new upgrades for your adventure. Decipher the cryptic messages from the residents of Undermine and uncover the mystery that lies at the heart of the dungeon.

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