In what appears to be a broken record, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, has once again spoken negatively about the video game, accusing them of being violent. This time, the president has indicated that the Three Wise Men “no longer want to hand over electronic devices and video games.”

As you know, we are only a few hours away from the Three Kings achieving the wishes of thousands of children in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. In this way, during his recent morning conference, Andrés Manuel López Obrador pointed out that the Three Wise Men games should not be left under the tree as they promote violent content. This was what he commented:

“For the little letters… clothes, shoes. More clothes and shoes. Because already the Kings – Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar – do not want to be handing out electronic devices those that are used to watch series with violent content. They no longer want.

The same Kings and the elephant, the camel and the horse, no longer want anything that has to do with video games. Nothing of that. No no no. They don’t like it anymore. (…) They don’t want that anymore, but a lot of love to all the children ”.

It is important to mention that in Mexico there is a fairly simple classification system, so that the Three Wise Men do not give the children some type of game that is intended for their audience. However, the president of Mexico makes no mention of these tools, limiting himself to just speaking in a general way.

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Via: Andrés Manuel López Obrador

The Three Wise Men do not want to give away video games, says AMLO

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