The Emmys have returned to the entertainment information arena this week by releasing their nominations. Some preselections that, as usual, are above all abundant. The large number of subcategories and technical awards given by the awards offered by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences of the United States makes getting lost among the series with the highest number of nominations is easy, and that the titles with the most mentions are not always the most important. A problem of appreciation which this year has been extended to all OTT platforms to sign almost a new chapter of calls streaming wars.

HBO has added more nominations this year than Netflix in an edition that for obvious reasons of the pandemic were going to be carried out by the platforms. Both studies had been fighting for years to see who was the brand with the most nominated titles, and this course has been taken by HBO, yes, thanks to a change in the accounting rules. This year the academy has accounted for the channel and the HBO platform together and not separately.

HBO (the channel) and HBO Max (its platform) that are now under the baton of Casey Bloys, the same content director, got 130 nominations between them, compared to the 129 that Netflix received.

Are awards a good way to measure which platform offers the best series?

With a year like this marked by many television series that were shaken in their filming by COVID (Succession, for example), and the end of last year’s big winner, Schitt’s Creek, This edition of the Emmy’s is seen as a good measuring stick to take the pulse of the on-demand platform market.

The Crown Y The Mandalorian tied as most nominated series with 24 each. WandaVision, for its part, marked the arrival of Marvel on TV at the grand prizes and was just behind these two with 23 nominations, followed by The Handmaid’s Tale (twenty-one), Saturday night Live (twenty-one), Ted lasso (twenty), Lovecraft country (18) -curious together after knowing that he would not have a second season-, Lady’s gambit (18) and Mare of Eastown (16).

Disney is actually the most awarded studio, and Netflix the streaming platform

If nominations were accounted for in the same way as in the past – separating HBO and HBO Max – Netflix would have easily surpassed HBO. However, this situation has been used by all the conglomerates to say that they had had the series with the most appointments at the awards.

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In a press release on Tuesday, WarnerMedia celebrated its “leadership” at the Emmys with 130 nominations, noting that it was the 19th time in history that the “HBO brand” had “received the most nominations of any network / platform in a single year.”

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The change comes after a year in which nearly all media conglomerates restructured to prioritize streaming content fueled by the pandemic and the consumer shifts it has driven.

If we look at the new formulation, HBO effectively leads with 130 nominations, surpassing Netflix’s 129. Disney Plus was the third most nominated platform with 71 And if we break down HBO from HBO Max, HBO would have come in second with 94 nominations.

However, when that number is broken down by group, Disney (which owns Disney Plus and Hulu, as well as ABC and Freeform) comes in first with 136 nominations.

HBO is not the only brand that has benefited relatively from the changes in the nomination pool, however. The Television Academy also grouped NBC (46 nominations), Peacock (2) and Bravo (2) under NBCUniversal Media, which garnered a total of 56 nominations Tuesday. ViacomCBS, which last month was restructured around Paramount + has a total of 54 nominations, with CBS winning 26 and Paramount + with six.

These tug of war by numbers that may seem like small nonsense are actually important to various companies. Especially for those that come from the traditional market. It should be remembered that Netflix and HBO have maintained a certain pike in recent years after the streaming platform stormed in 2018 breaking 18 years of leadership in HBO’s nominations.

Since then, in 2019, HBO has garnered 137 nominations versus Netflix’s 118, while in 2018 Netflix garnered 112 versus HBO’s 108. Last year, Netflix won this particular contest again with 160 nominations, a historical record.

While HBO and Netflix fight, Apple and Disney celebrate

But all this also takes away a bit of prominence from the fact that younger streaming platforms such as Disney Plus and Apple TV + got important nominations.

The House of the Mouse achieved 71, helped by the 24 of The Mandalorian and 23 of the new drama series WandaVision, which was a huge leap from last year’s 19 nominations.


In the same way, The Cupertino-based company garnered 35 nominations, helped primarily by comedy Ted lasso, absolute favorite in its category this year. Jason Sudekis’ comedy scoring the most nominations for a comedy in its first season (just premiered the second). This is a big leap from the 18 nominations it garnered last year, largely due to The Morning Show.

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Hulu received 25 nominations, almost all for The Handmaid’s Tale, available internationally on HBO, and Amazon Prime Video garnered 18 nominations, assisted by seven of The Underground Railroad Y The Boys, which strengthens with WandaVision that the genre series are gradually trained in the awards.