Valve has managed to solve a major compatibility problem in time with the Steam deck. This prevented titles like Apex legends, Dead by daylight and War thunder will work on the handheld video game console. The solution has come from the hand of Epic Games and its anti-cheat software, known as Easy Anti-Cheat. This now has official Linux support.

The American red valve company had committed to working with the developers of the anti-cheat software EAC and BattlEye to ensure its operation on the Steam Deck. And, unlike Windows, these solutions, required by many titles, did not have support for Linux, the base of SteamOS, the operating system of Valve’s portable console.

Now, following the company’s efforts, Epic Games has announced that its Easy Anti-Cheat software in addition to extending its support for Linux, also includes compatibility with Wine and Proton layers. The latter is precisely what the Steam Deck uses to run games. This is the first step towards a much more extensive and interesting catalog of titles.

The Steam Deck gains momentum for its launch

Credit: Epic Games

Valve’s effort to ensure that the Steam Deck arrives in optimal condition on the day of its launch has paid off. Now, it’s the developers who need to patch their games with the new Easy Anti-Cheat to achieve the expected compatibility. In addition to the games mentioned at the beginning, we can also include 7 Days to Die, Fall Guys, Black desert, Hunt: Showdown, Paladins and others.

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The good news for developers is that they will be able to activate Epic’s anti-cheat support “with a few clicks.” Also, the SDK software, available completely free from Epic Online Services, is an old acquaintance to them. This leaves a favorable outlook for the arrival of the Steam Deck later this year.

However, some titles like PUBG, Destiny 2 and Rainbow six siege they use the anti-cheat software BattlEye, which does not yet have widespread support for Linux. However, the fix for this equivalent of Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat is on its way to the Steam Deck and should arrive shortly.