The Steam Deck already has official support for Windows 11

The Steam Deck already has official support for Windows 11

The Steam Deck portable system has been one of the most intriguing pieces of gaming gear in recent months, and it’s not hard to see why. Despite Valve’s history of trying on hardware, this latest effort is proving to be a winner, as the device is not just a standard gaming console for the mobile market, but also a fully functional PC.

As such, its developer wanted to push the idea that it can be compatible with other operating systems, and now a recent update adds support for Windows 11. A new patch for Steam Deck it means that users will now be able to use the latest operating system from Microsoft instead of the one that comes pre-installed on the machine.

However, keep in mind that anyone who installs Windows 11 You should be aware that it may not be fully optimized yet, so those who own a Steam Deck and are interested perhaps they should be cautious for now. After all, this is not the first time that the fact that an operating system is compatible with the Valve device does not necessarily mean that it will work well.

It wasn’t that long ago that Windows 10 drivers were rolled out for the Steam Deck, and tests conducted showed that there was a noticeable drop in gaming performance. Some titles like Doom Eternal suffered a significant drop from 34 FPS to just 19 FPS, although Elden Ring didn’t seem to have as many issues as other games.

The general idea seems to be that it’s still early to get Windows 10 or Windows 11 on the portable machine, but there will likely be updated drivers at some point that should fix any performance issues.

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In addition, the Linux-based operating system of Steam Deck it has received a couple of updates to improve input and keyboard calibration features. Given that the system was released only a few weeks ago, it’s understandable that there are some teething problems, especially with implementing a different OS, but it seems like tweaks are being made all the time.