the sports watch that plans your workouts, we find it at a discounted price

the sports watch that plans your workouts, we find it at a discounted price

On many occasions, returning to the training routine is not an easy task since we do not know the most important areas and how to optimally monitor them. To do this, there are increasingly better tools that help us in the task and make it easier.

An example is the clock Polar Ignites that takes care of the planning for you: it measures your recovery during the night, records your sleep values ​​and offers you training plans based on your daily disposition.

Smart Watch Smartwatch Polar Ignite Gps Pulse Meter Wrist White

Polar Ignite M/L GPS Watch

Polar Ignite M/L GPS Watch

Now you can find it on sale at The English Court at a price of 189 euros €229. The gps integrated shows data such as speed, distance and altimetry as well as a heart rate record with the optical pulse system that integrates accelerometer.

With a range of up to 17 hours In precision mode and 5 days on the clock, you can receive notifications from your devices directly on the screen. It is compatible with more than 100 sports included swimming where it detects heart rate, swimming style, distance, strokes and rest times.

The app and the web service Polar Flow they store all the data about your training, activity and sleep. Plus, you can share them with your coach for free.

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