If you presented the National Examination of Applicants for Medical Residencies (ENARM) 2021, you know that the process has not yet concluded. The nerves for the arrival of the test day are over and you managed to give your maximum effort. Although now the next step is to wait until the publication of the selected pages. In the meantime, all you have to do is wait and comply with the new step that was added this year. You can also take the opportunity to know the statistics of past editions such as the specialties that usually obtain the highest scores.

In that sense, what you should keep in mind is that on this occasion the choice of specialty takes place after the exam and not before. Everything will be through the platform of the Interinstitutional Commission for the Training of Human Resources for Health (CIFRHS).

The new way to choose a specialty

Regarding the previous point, various doubts have been generated and that forced the creation of a guide to satisfactorily comply with this process. Among what is mentioned is the fact that the applicants with the highest scores will be the first to choose their preferred option. While those who have underperformed will be the last and run the risk that there will be no places in their favorite alternative or simply no longer reach a place in the ENARM 2021.

A very important aspect is that this year 30 thousand places will be offered, among which there are a thousand for residency in hospitals in Cuba. On the other hand, it is estimated that at least 54 thousand young people came to take the exam, so just under half are not going to meet their goal.

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Now, every year the competition is so strong that there are even doctors who obtain the minimum scores requested by each specialty and not even get a place. Although it must also be recognized that there are opposite cases where applicants have an outstanding performance that places them above the rest. Thanks to a high qualification in the test is that they get a place.

What has happened in the last few years?

In this way, from the annual statistics From the CIFRHS it is possible to know the specialties that obtained the highest scores in the ENARM 2020 and they are the following:

  • Internal Medicine – 80,667
  • Pulmonology – 80,222
  • General surgery – 80,000
  • Ophthalmology – 79,556
  • Anesthesiology – 78,889

Now, to complement the information, the specialties that achieved the best results in the ENARM 2019 edition were the following:

  • Traumatology and Orthopedics – 90,000.
  • Pediatrics – 89,111.
  • General Surgery – 85,778.
  • Internal Medicine – 84,667.
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics – 82,667.

From the above, several conclusions can be drawn. The first is that last year there was a decline in the overall score for all majors. Perhaps it was an excess of confidence of the applicants due to the increase in places or a consequence of the change of date due to the pandemic.

On the other hand, General Surgery and Internal Medicine are the only ones that appear in the first places of both editions. Therefore, it can be thought that this 2021 will also repeat although it is not definitive.

In the meantime, what do you think will be the specialties with the highest scores in ENARM 2021?