The simulator of Jesus Christ already has a new advance

The simulator of Jesus Christ already has a new advance

A few years ago, a rather interesting project was unveiled, I am Jesus Christ, a simulator in which we embody the son of god to do all kinds of miracles in an open world. After that initial trailer we didn’t know much more, but now everything has changed with a new trailer that we know will now have some combat.

The developer of this upcoming release, SimulaM, made known to the community what kind of enemies we are going to meet, which are not people as such, but rather demons. To be able to defeat them we will use the character in a shooter style, which with celestial powers will be in charge of putting an end to the evil beings.

The release date for the game has not yet been contemplated, as the study comments that it could arrive until December 2022but it is not a sure thing, having a year 2023 like a safer window. However, fans will be able to experience the miracles a little early, thanks to an early access release in September.

The title has captured the interest of many users around the world, so it is understandable to wait a little longer to see each aspect polished to the best effort put by the team. In addition, there will be many mechanics to improve such as walking in water and helping people with healing powers, something that is also eagerly awaited.

I am Jesus Christ is in development for Steam.

Via: SimulaM