The Sims 4 developers hint at a “new project”

The Sims 4 developers hint at a “new project”

The developers of The Sims 4 have hinted at a new project game with a series of mysterious messages on Twitter. It is unknown what direction the sim franchise will take, now that the game pack and kits announced in The Sims 4 roadmap have been released in early 2022. As of yet, the development team has yet to reveal any plans. for the rest of 2022, leaving fans to speculate on future Sims content.

The Sims 4 was originally released in 2014, and has since received over 30 DLC packs along with free content updates. Trends have changed over the years, with a recent focus on smaller releases in the form of Game Packs and Kits rather than the larger, more detailed Expansion Packs.

Now, members of the development team of The Sims 4 have shared mysterious tweets hinting at a great draft. Developer SimGuruGeorge tweeted about writing “funny item text” for the new items, as well as testing some kind of new gameplay element, just referred to as “[REDACTED]”.

SimGuruSalo expressed his excitement for the project in a tweet about new shoes in the game, and followed it up later with a post on Twitter stating that it “feels great to wake up excited about working on the project” he’s a part of. Perhaps the most important clue is that of SimGuruGeorge, who used the term “feature” (feature), perhaps hinting that a new element is to be introduced to the gameplay.

The imprecise nature of these tweets makes it difficult to determine exactly what players should expect from The Sims 4. Some even speculate that the developers have been working on The Sims 5, though it’s highly unlikely that the next game in the series will be released anytime soon. The Sims 4 has been on the market for more than seven years, and many players believe that they have exhausted all the possibilities of the game.

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Regardless of the project these tweets refer to, new content is almost always welcome in The Sims 4 – especially new gameplay elements – to help inspire long-time fans to return to the game.