The Sims 4 bets on greater representation and adds custom pronouns for characters

The Sims 4 bets on greater representation and adds custom pronouns for characters

The Sims 4 has been with us for many years and the updates have not stopped raining since its arrival in 2014. Even with eight years of updates behind it, today we can talk about one of the most important additions to the work of Electronic Arts.

And it is that the life simulator has decided to incorporate the personalized pronouns after “listening to the comments of the community”, although it was a pending task from the development team. To do this, Maxis has had the collaboration of the It Gets Better Project and GLAAD, two organizations dedicated to supporting and acting towards the LGTBIQ community.

There was a special focus on transgender and non-binary people, although for now this function is only available in English. This is because “there is a lot of complexity around how different languages ​​and cultures use pronouns, so we will need more time to investigate how to properly integrate grammar rules in other languages.”

The way to use the variety of pronouns is simple, starting by creating our Sim and being able to choose between they/them, she/her, he/him and a completely customizable last option. In the latter case, the subjective, objective, dependent possessive, independent possessive and reflexive forms may be used with the pronouns. In fact, example sentences will be added to be clear about their use.

They point out from Maxis that “this update is not the absolute end of the representation of non-binary and gender diverse people, we firmly believe that it is important for us to address a better inclusion over time as we discover ways to work within the constraints of our code.”

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When will custom pronouns be available in Spanish for The Sims 4? That is a question that has not yet been resolved, so we will have to wait for his arrival.