The Simpsons Hit & Run gets a big remake

The Simpsons Hit & Run gets a big remake

The Simpsons Hit & Run It is one of the most remembered games of the GameCube, Xbox and PS2 generation. Although the fans demand a relaunch, it seems that at the moment there are no intentions to make this project a reality. In the absence of a viable way to enjoy this title in reality, a fan has decided to create his own remake of The Simpsons Hit & Run.

Recently, the user known as Reubs shared a video on his official YouTube channel, where he gave us a look at the remake of The Simpsons Hit & Run in which you are working. In addition to the improved visual style, what is most striking is that the different maps of Springfield will finally be interconnected.

Unfortunately, this project is completely personal, and will never be available to the general public, this to avoid any problem with copyright laws. Still, the work that Reubs presented us with here is very worthwhile, and hopefully this is the spark that finally gives us the opportunity to enjoy this classic on modern platforms.

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Editor’s note:

Although many of us wish that a remake, remastering, or simple port of The Simpsons Hit & Run becomes a reality, it seems that for the moment this will only be a wish. Considering that the studio that was in charge of this game doesn’t even exist anymore, this is quite a complicated task.

Via: Reubs

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