The Simpsons come to God of War through a fun mod |

The Simpsons come to God of War through a fun mod |

Whenever a video game hits the pc that means one thing, mods, which allow players to experience the wildest things in well-known titles in the industry. And now that God of War (2018) came to Steamit was clear that many users were going to unleash their creativity to have fun in the world of Kratos.

Thanks to one of these mod brought by Omega Fantasynow you have the opportunity to play with an iconic pair of characters brought from The Simpsonspecifically they are Homer Y Bart. The best thing is that their models come from the game hit and runbut that’s not all, since the original dialogues are also replaced by those of these characters.

The same way, The Stranger is replaced by neither more nor less than Ned Flanders.

This work is done with a lot of love, since the cleaning of noise in the voices is the most impeccable, in addition to that the characters adapt in the best way in the environment. There is also no denying that it is extremely fun to see the characters fight with creatures from mythology, something that fans of the series have to try.

In order to download the mod, you just have to go to the main channel of Omega Fantasy and follow the steps indicated by the user who owns the program. It is worth adding, that a version of God of War purchased on the platform Steam to play.

In news related to The Simpsons Hit and Run. A study was carried out confirming that many users wanted to have a remastering of such a beloved video game from the era of PS2, Game Cube Y Xbox. If you want to know a little more about this request, we leave you the following link.

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Via: IGN