The simple exercise that helps you reduce blood pressure in five minutes

The simple exercise that helps you reduce blood pressure in five minutes

Surely you have seen more than once an infallible method that with ten minutes achieves miraculous results. Miracles do not exist, but there is a case that working the respiratory muscles in five-minute sessions could reduce blood pressure. Let’s see why it happens and how we can do it.

High blood pressure is one of the most important risk factors

As we age, the health of our arteries and the entire cardiovascular network deteriorates. That aging will be more or less pronounced depending on our lifestyle: healthy eating and a life full of physical activity and physical exercise.

Nutrition can prevent high blood pressure, or it can make it worse. In the same way as the sedentary lifestyle leads to blood pressure outside healthy marginswhile physical exercise keeps it within these adequate margins.

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In fact, physical exercise can be just as or more effective in reducing blood pressure than drugs used for the same purpose. However, we do not consider exercise like that pill that we need, either due to lack of time or desire.

Breathe to lower blood pressure

To address this lack of physical exercise, research published in the Journal of the American Heart Associationevaluated whether training the respiratory muscles directly could lower blood pressure just like physical activity.

We must bear in mind that the subjects were adults ages 50-79, so their vascular health would be lower than that of younger people. The worse the health, the greater the range in which we can improve, which is not to say that young people cannot benefit from this respiratory muscle training strategy.

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Nutrients that cannot be missing from your regular diet if you want to prevent high blood pressure

Study subjects performed sessions six days per week consisting of five sets of six inspirations at 75% of maximal inspiratory pressure. Between each of the series they rested one minute. All of this resulted in a total time per five-minute session, so adherence after six weeks of training was very close to 100%. The instrument used is one similar to the one in the following image.


At the end of the six week respiratory muscle training program the systolic blood pressure was reduced by an average of 9 mm Hg, going from 135mm Hg to 126mm Hg. This means approaching the recommended 120mm Hg as a healthy value.

Vascular health also improved thanks to the training of just 30 minutes per week. We are therefore faced with an effective and easy-to-follow strategy for any age group that can help us control our blood pressure.

How is respiratory muscle training done?

To train the respiratory muscles, a specific device is needed that has different levels that make it difficult for us to breathe. Brands like PowerBreathe are the best known on the market. Training design is highly variable and depends a lot on each person, so should be programmed by a trainer who knows how to do it.

POWERBREATHE Plus Heavy Resistance - Black

POWERBREATHE Plus Heavy Resistance – Black

Its use is simple. We will put some tweezers on our nose to avoid the flow of air in it, or if we do not have some we will have to plug it ourselves. We will make the marked repetitions performing a strong inhalation and a normal exhalation. Something so simple could be done anywhere to treat high blood pressure.

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