This Tuesday night, September 7, an earthquake was registered which, according to preliminary reports, reached 7.1 degrees of magnitude. And as we know, Some speakers the seismic alert did not sound, so today we will teach you how you can report them for repair.

Take note:

1. You must visit the site of the Unified Citizen Service System and look for the section of “Select the type of request you want to make“, Then choose”Failure from speaker, seismic alert”, Which is located almost at the bottom of the list.

The seismic alert did not sound for your house? We tell you how to report it

2. Fill out the form where the applicant’s data is entered. You will have to enter, name, age, address and telephone number.

3. You must have the address of the speaker decomposed and its ID, is the number that is dialed in the post of the apparatus.

4. The data must be put in “Request details”. Do not forget to add the references of the place and the streets between streets, also, if possible, add a photo of the speaker.