The secret weapon of the new Mercedes EQG to lead the electric 4×4 market

The secret weapon of the new Mercedes EQG to lead the electric 4×4 market

The expected 100% electric Mercedes G-Class will be a reality in 2024. A model that will adopt the commercial name Mercedes EQG. It will become the first electric vehicle of the Mercedes brand to make use of new generation batteries. Batteries that promise superior autonomy and will be key to revolutionizing the emerging market for electric 4x4s.

the future of Mercedes G-Class it inevitably goes through electrification at its highest level. Iconic, luxurious and exclusive Mercedes SUV will be transformed, in just a few years, into a 100% electric vehicle. The Mercedes EQG will be a reality in 2024. A model that is called to lead the incipient market of battery electric 4×4. And for this, it will release a very important technology.

Mercedes is aware of the role that the EQG will play in its range. Although it will not bring together the bulk of its new car sales, it will become one of the company’s flagships. In this case in the field of electric mobility and, more specifically, off-road driving. Let us remember that this model has been anticipated through a concept car. The Mercedes Concept EQG debuted last year at the Munich Motor Show.

Mercedes Concept EQG, the prelude to the expected 100% electric G-Class

The new batteries that will premiere the Mercedes EQG

The German manufacturer has taken an important step in its particular transition process towards fully electric mobility. Mercedes, in addition to working at full capacity on the creation of a huge family of electric vehicles, is also devoting a huge amount of resources to development of new battery technologies. Either on their own or by establishing strategic alliances.

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Mercedes has announced that it will work with Sila, a next-generation battery materials company, under the premise of incorporating silicon anode chemistry into its range of electric models. The first Mercedes model to use these new generation batteries is neither more nor less than the future electric G-Class. The Mercedes EQG will be available with new silicon batteries. Some batteries that will be offered as an option in the range.

The brand places particular emphasis on the fact that the silicon anode will increase the energy density of the batteries without compromising safety or other performance parameters. To put it in context, if we compare these future batteries with those used today, Sila’s technology allows an increase of between 20% and 40% in energy density. More than 800Wh/the cell level will be reached.

Mercedes Concept EQG - rear
The Mercedes EQG will be optionally available with the new silicon batteries

The new batteries of the Mercedes EQG will offer a greater autonomy

This important development will make it possible to produce batteries that store much more energy in the same space. For the user, this improvement will result in a increased autonomy. Something crucial when talking about an electric car. Mercedes will be the first client in the automotive industry with which Sila will work. Both companies indicate that the EQG will be available with this technology in the middle of this decade.

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