The secret of Todoroki’s technique in MHA is revealed

The secret of Todoroki’s technique in MHA is revealed

My Hero Academia is getting closer and closer to the climax of the franchise, with exceptional fights between the most powerful heroes and villains within this fantastic universe. And although you might think that the characters will not continue to develop, this is not the case, since recently Todoroki released a new technique, which now has an explanation.

In the previous chapter, the final fight between Todoroki Y Dhabiand it was revealed that Shoto had developed his version of the Flashfire Fistbut I was struggling to heat it up at the same kind of speed as Dhabi it was destroying his body. It is there where the character discovered how to fuse his powers in a harmonic and efficient way.


The 352nd episode of the manga puts Todoroki to comment that although it is difficult to maintain that form for a long time, he discovered how to elevate his dad’s original technique by using his heart to use his left and right side at the same time. This creates a cool flame that allows it to balance the blood into a balanced temperature so it doesn’t get out of control.

This leads to Todoroki to a new level, having the possibility of being on a par with other beings with whom he had no opportunity before, becoming one of the most outstanding students of his generation. Although for many it would not be such a big surprise, since in the first chapters he proved to be a genius in all aspects that a hero entails.

In news related to heroes. In the latest installment of One-Punch Man a rather monstrous form of Garouthe current enemy of Saitama. If you want to know its appearance, we invite you to click on the following link.

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