The second suit that Robert Pattinson will wear is filtered

The second suit that Robert Pattinson will wear is filtered

The second suit that Robert Pattinson will wear in The Batman, one of the most anticipated superhero films of 2022, has just been leaked

As we have reported this morning, The batman will have the presence of an incognito suit that will be used Bruce wayne during the movie of Dc comics. This version, called “The Drifter (The Vagabundo)”, will serve the character of Robert Pattinson to infiltrate situations where you don’t need to operate like the Dark Knight and can serve as a civilian.

This would be, therefore, the second suit that the Bat Man in the film. Not a superhero costume as such, but when it comes to fighting crime in Gotham city. Filtration, as collected in Comic Book Movie, has taken place through the official merchandising of the film. We share it with you, to see what you think:

The Batman (Drifter) by Robert Pattinson

The design is very much in line with the aesthetic line of the entire film, similar to the outfit that he uses, for example, Enigma. Surely, through the merchandising of The batman, we’ll see a lot more leaked items in the coming weeks. The marketing of Warner Bros. Pictures It has already started, so it is a matter of days before we have new and interesting news that we did not know.

The great mystery that the movie could tell us

Despite the three trailers we’ve already seen, The batman it remains a mystery to many followers. We still don’t really know what the story is that they are going to tell us, although we can intuit that it will have deep roots with the Wayne family and that it would even have connections with the main villain. What if Enigma turns out to be Bruce’s brother?

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That would be very interesting to explore, although we bet that the great mystery that the Dark Knight will solve will have to do with Gotham City and the Court of Owls. In fact, it would be a success for them to present the concept of the Court of Owls to later tell us the full story in the second installment of Robert Pattinson’s alleged trilogy. To like?