The scene that Andrew Garfield improvised

The scene that Andrew Garfield improvised

Actor Andrew Garfield has revealed the scene he improvised in Spider-Man: No Way Home, last year’s great spider event.

One of the most shocking and emotional moments of Spider-Man: No Way Home it was totally improvised by Andrew Garfield. The actor of the saga TAS Return to Marvel, this time for the great arachnid event of the season and of the century. To the delight of fans, he has even left the door open to resume his activity as a superhero. And it seems that Morbius it could be your new home.

However, today we are going to talk about the arachnid multiverse and the moment when the three versions of Spidey. Both that of the aforementioned Garfield and the iterations of Tom holland Y Tobey Maguire. When the three are reunited and decide on their joint plan of attack, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man says, “I love you guys«. A moment that was improvised!

As the actor himself has recognized, that «I love you guys»That we have commented was totally improvised on the scene. «There is a dialogue that I improvised in the film, watching my companions. I tell them that I love them«, Revealed the interpreter to the medium Variety. «I just… loved them!»

All three actors mimicked Spidey’s meme by pointing!

And it is that, apparently, that chemistry and brotherhood between the different Peter Parker also occurred off-screen. «The first time we were all in the suit together it was hilarious, because we were three common guys who were just actors hanging out. But you’re also a bit of a fan and you think, ‘Oh my God, it’s us, we’re all together with the suits on and we’re doing the pointing thing!’“Andrew Garfield explained.

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«We talked about how to be able to go to the bathroom with the suit on, you know? Tom was jealous because I have little zippers on my suit and I can take the gloves off my hands very easily. He used his nose to use his phone because he couldn’t use his hands. We also had more in-depth conversations about Spider-Man and discussed our experiences with the character.«.