The kings arrive with offers on the official Samsung WEBSITE. Among them, we can find the Galaxy Buds2 for 30% discount. They are wireless headphones with active noise cancellation that meet very well in the day to day even for demanding users.

The Galaxy Buds2 are a recently released active noise canceling wireless headphones. Active cancellation is good enough to reduce annoying ambient sounds in cities, and thus be able to enjoy our music without having to generate volume compensations that can damage our ears.

The sound is good enough and enjoyable, warm, with very present and controlled bass. The mids are slightly delayed and the treble does not stand out but they are not bright or sibilant and accompany, providing a very pleasant experience, not only for casual listening but to be able to enjoy in the comfort of our home.

In addition, they are very comfortable and do not fall out of our ears when we walk or run, making them excellent options for sports.

For a few days we have been testing them, and we are loving them, so we can recommend them as first impressions. The Samsung application is very complete and the pairing with the cell phone is immediate. In this, we can find an ambient mode function, which will allow us to listen to ambient sounds if we need to talk to someone. It also has equalization modes to adapt the music to our tastes.

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