The sales opportunity on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

The level of sales in Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday has increased over the years and the pandemic will boost online shopping.

The different brands and companies that are dedicated to providing different products and services, have the opportunity to join iconic dates that have proven their importance for consumers, because they can find considerable discounts and promotions compared to other dates of the year.

Different countries around the world usually have these types of dates, however, these generally tend to occur at the end of each year; We have an example of this with The Good The end of Mexico, the Singles Day in China and the Black Friday in United States.

Despite their “individual” events, thanks to capitalism, the globalization of companies and the adoption of intercultural customs, different companies can provide their products with discounts to consumers, even though they are on the other side of the world, a situation that benefited brands, especially during times of pandemic.

Despite the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic affected millions of people economically around the world and leaving an endless number of closed businesses in its wake, some companies that were present in the digital platforms even benefited, because a considerable part of the population chose to adopt the digital world, as well as the Internet sales.

According to information from Forbes, the decrease in social mobility due to the disease, resulted in an increase in the Online sales up to 81 percent during 2020 in Mexico alone, representing profits of 316 billion pesos, that is, the equivalent of 9 percent of the retail sector in the country.

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However, it was not only sales companies such as Linio, Amazon, Mercado Libre or AliExpress that saw benefits in the pandemic, but also those that were providing delivery services showed a significant increase; According to Statista forecasts, the food delivery will invoice more than 2,100 million dollars by the end of 2021 (only in Mexico).

This type of date is usually well received by people, perhaps too much, since due to having high crowds in stores, some people even managed to get hurt, showing a chaotic shopping experience; however, internet sales platforms now let this no longer be a problem

Taking into account that now the brands that provide products and services on the web are generating exponential profits, these dates in which the brands provide different promotions and discounts would mean a wide growth opportunity so that companies that have adopted digital platforms to their sales services increase their income even more, since consumers around the world could have access to these services (especially in the Cyber Monday“.

However, and despite the fact that these dates show an opportunity, brands must be careful with the prices they publish, since users can easily compare prices from one company to another, so if they are very ambitious wanting to register high profits in a product by significantly increasing its price, these could go with the competition without having to think twice.