the return of Hunter x Hunter and his health

the return of Hunter x Hunter and his health

Ultimately, Hunter x Hunter has gained a huge fan following, and that was why during its hiatus for a few years, the manga series is far from forgotten, in fact, the franchise has one of the biggest fanbases around. industry loyalists and has resumed his social media activity since earlier this year, when the creator Yoshihiro Togashi he commented that he would work on the manga again.

That is why the artist has gotten a little closer to his fans with a special letter, where he details his great return a little more, as well as the injuries that caused his last break, this update reached social networks in honor of Hunter x Hunterand tells us about a new challenge Togashi will face, in his first statement since resuming work on Hunter x Hunter, and while his fans are delighted to have the creator back, they are worried about his injuries:

“I haven’t been able to sit in a chair to draw for about two years, but I’ve managed to get back into writing by giving up the traditional way of doing things. Everyone please take care of your hips”he wrote before sharing his grim story a bit:

“Until two weeks ago, before writing this [carta]I couldn’t clean myself and had to take a shower every time [usaba el baño]. Each movement takes 3 to 5 times more than an instructed person. The back is important.”

It is clear that Togashi has had severe problems and a long recovery due to his back pain, but even though they did not explain the whole situation, the fandom has not underestimated the pain that the artist has gone through, but now that Togashi is determined to continue working with Hunter x Hunter he will have the help of his close circle, and if his back hurts even the least, his fans will ask him to rest again.

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