There are many sagas and franchises that, over time, have become an object of nostalgia for older gamers or, failing that, ignorance by younger video game lovers. As a result, when one of those sagas is reactivated, it has a double performance: the resurgence of a beloved saga for some, and the appearance of a “new” IP for others. This, in fact, is the case with Chrono Cross, the iconic PlayStation title that could return, this time … as a smartphone game. And not quite his either.

Effectively. Everything indicates that Chrono Cross, whose rumors in recent days pointed to a novelty of some kind, could count on a collaboration with the gacha-style game Another Eden, which is available for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch devices. This filtration has been carried out by Reddit user aceaofivalia, although he himself insists that none of this is official at the moment.

The Chrono Cross crossover in Another Eden will not be reduced solely to the appearance of specific characters, supposedly. Besides that, aceaofivalia adds that These events will have an impact on the central story of Another Eden, making it clear that there will be missions related to this event. Of course, this is a most interesting addition to Another Eden, and probably more than one Chrono Cross fan will run to download this game, although it will certainly turn out disappointing after the news of the last few days.

However, there is also the possibility that this collaboration comes together with a great announcement that reactivates the franchise with real force, as it rebuts Reddit user SaveTheQueenIX. This possibility would be more logical in the face of the supposed collaboration with Another Eden, but for the moment, the last words we know are those spoken by Speshal Nick on his podcast. The most predictable move would be that, but currently they are all rumors or leaks that cannot be corroborated yet.

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