the response of a bar on the Costa Brava to a customer’s complaint

the response of a bar on the Costa Brava to a customer’s complaint

Once again, social networks have served as the stage for a confrontation between the owners of a restaurant in Lloret de Mar and a client that, in addition to leaving them a low score on a well-known platform, has reproached them for lack of professionalism of the waiterswhom he accused of having been constantly looking at the mobile phone, not only while taking orders, but even when they were charging diners.

How could it be otherwise, the popular Twitter profile of Soy Camarero This news has been echoed, which has quickly gone viral:

In his complaint, in which he referred to the waiters of the Vela Mar restaurant (Lloret de Mar) as “bro” or “cousin”, the client came to claim the following:

Postureta site that appears to be what it is not. The manager of the terrace, badly, did not stop looking at the mobile even when we were paying (he disconnects a bit bro). I give the two stars for the turbot tartar, it was good”.

As expected, this has caused the local, which has not hesitated a second to clarify what happened, respond with a blunt: “What a review, champion”. To which he then added: “We have had to read it three times and not even like that… Do we pretend to be what we are not? Sometimes there are customers who don’t fit in or who have the wrong idea of ​​the place… They are still welcome.”

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But the most striking thing about this whole story is that the waiters weren’t really “watching their phones”. What happened, as in so many other establishments, is that “the waiters or managers They have digital commandersnot mobiles”. And to put an end to the discussion, the owners of the restaurant on the Costa Brava insisted that they are not “bros”, but industry professionals who work hard to serve customers like the one who has been involved in this disagreement. “The next day, you will catch the turbot, “cousin”, they sentenced.