the recipe for the mythical sandwich of beef and melted cheese

the recipe for the mythical sandwich of beef and melted cheese

Today we are going to prepare a philadelphia cheesesteak: the mythical sandwich of veal and melted cheese from the city of Philadelphia with candied onion that is so good, that it makes everyone who tastes it happy, from the first bite.

Toasted bread with garlic butter, caramelized onions and the best beef cut into strips, all of it topped with melted cheese to amalgamate everything, they can never fail. If you get a juicy point in the meat, with the philly cheesesteak sandwich you are guaranteed success.

It is not surprising that this dish originating in the street food or street food of this American city, be so popular in the United States and has become famous throughout the world. So that you too can try it, follow our recipe and you will understand why it is so delicious.

To make two sandwiches like the one in the photo, start by preparing butter with garlic and spread the open bread longitudinally without separating the two halves, -like when we make a hot dog-. Toast on the griddle and reserve. Cut the onion in julienne and confit it over low heat in the way that we teach you in the caramelized onion recipe. Reserve.

Cut the entrecôte into strips. Fry the slices of meat or brown them on the griddle to the desired point. Once done, we reserve hot. Melt the provolone or cheddar cheese in a pan. When it is fluid, we have everything ready to assemble the sandwich.

On the toasted bread with garlic butter, we put the caramelized onion. About her, spread the strips of meat and cover them with plenty of melted cheese. We cover with the other half of bread and everything is ready to enjoy.

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Optionally, there are those who, after toasting the bread, spread it with a little mayonnaise, although personally, I think it covers up the other flavors and I preferred not to add it, but I leave it to your taste.

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With what to accompany the legendary Philadelphia cheesesteak

To accompany this fantastic sandwich philadelphia cheesesteak You can prepare some classic French fries in two cooking times, or make some spiced potato wedges, which perfectly complement the dish, although given the caloric load of all the ingredients, it might be better to think of a perfect varied salad to compensate.

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