Uric acid is a substance that circulates in the blood in our body because it is a product of the metabolization of purines and these are part of different structures of the body. We tell you the causes for which you can have high uric acid and XX foods that help you control it.

Hyperuricemia and its causes

Uric acid is considered to be elevated in the body when exceeds 7 mg / dL and is called hyperuricemia.

This may be due to different causes, between them:

  • Failure of uric acid excretion or fluid balance, due to a kidney disease or cysts in the kidney.
  • Excessive release of purines within the body due to, for example, excessive exercise (causing destruction of muscle fibers).

  • Dehydration for different reasons that promotes the concentration of uric acid in the body.
  • Poor quality diet rich in red meat or seafood source of purines, or excessive in alcohol.
  • Metabolic diseases uncontrolled such as hypoparathyroidism, diabetes or others.

Because the high concentration of uric acid in blood it can lead to crystal deposits in the joints and inflammation of the same causing a disease called gout, as well as it can cause other metabolic problems, it is advisable to control their levels in the body.

The best foods to control uric acid in the blood

In addition to reduce the intake of foods rich in purines as much as possible as are especially red meat, liver or meat extract, it is recommended to eat a quality diet that favors the control of uric acid levels in the blood.

So some recommended foods are:

Water lots of water


Purines are soluble in water and uric acid is mostly eliminated in the urine, therefore maintaining adequate hydration by eating especially Water, is very useful to avoid the concentration of this component as well as to prevent precipitation in the form of crystals that result in arthritis called gout.

We can consume water as such or go to infusions without added sugar or to preparations that include it too much, such as soups, broths and others.

Citrus and other fresh fruits, rich in water and vitamin C

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Citrus fruits, as well as other fresh fruits, are foods rich in water, free of purines and that can offer us vitamin C in appreciable proportions, a nutrient that has been linked to less hyperuricemia.

Thus, we recommend consuming citrus and fresh fruits, in bites or as part of simple preparations such as fruit skewers, salads or healthy desserts.

Cabbages high in vitamin C


In order to add water to the diet and thus prevent dehydration that can contribute to developing high levels of uric acid in the body, we recommend, in addition to drinking liquids in sufficient quantities, to incorporate vegetables such as cabbages to the usual diet.

These ingredients in addition to providing water, they provide vitamin C which reduces the presence of factors that raise uric acid in the blood.

With cabbages we can prepare a salad, stir fry, muffins, cakes and other healthy dishes.


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Herbs and spices to flavor dishes

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Herbs and spices, either fresh or in other formats, contribute to flavor our dishes in a healthy way and can incorporate beneficial nutrients for the control of uric acid in the blood such as vitamin C.

They also help reduce the use of salt and sodium and thus can help prevent dehydration of the organism.

For all this, herbs and spices are recommended in the framework of a healthy diet to control uric acid levels in the blood and we can use them to flavor various preparations.

Unsweetened milk and yogurt as quality protein sources

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Because when controlling uric acid levels in the body, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of meats in general, and even fish and shellfish, it is advisable to use dairy as protein sources quality.

So much milk What yogurt They do not have purines and therefore are not harmful for those with high uric acid in the blood. But in addition, dairy products have been inversely associated with the incidence of hyperuricemia.

As if that were not enough, it is about foods rich in water that promote hydration of the body. With them, we can prepare healthy sauces and dressings as well as nutritious and filling desserts, breakfasts or snacks.

Nuts as a source of fiber


Nuts are sources of beneficial nutrients for the body, among which are the vegetable proteins and fiber. The latter can contribute to the reduction of uric acid levels in the body and, especially, a negative association has been observed between the intake of walnuts and pine nuts and the development of hyperuricemia.

Thus, it is advisable to consume the nuts toasted as a healthy snack or included in healthy preparations such as cookies, cakes, salads or fitness bars.

Watercress and other fresh green leaves

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The green leaves especially watercress and arugula can offer vitamin C to the body and have a high water content which, as we said before, is beneficial when controlling uric acid in the blood.

We recommend these fresh foods to take advantage of all their nutrients and thus, we can prepare salads, tacos with green leaves or appetizers very easy to make.

Foods that I can freely consume if I have high uric acid in my blood

Coffee rich in water and antioxidants

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Coffee consumed as an infusion has been associated, regardless of caffeine, to lower levels of uric acid in the blood.

It is considered that the benefits of coffee on uric acid levels are mainly due to the antioxidants It has among which are a variety of phenolic compounds.

Therefore, we can ingest a regular or decaffeinated coffee, but always of quality and within the framework of a healthy diet.

Whole grains as sources of quality fiber and carbohydrates

Whole grains

The whole grains Not only are they purine-free foods that do not harm anyone who has high uric acid in the blood, but they can also help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce levels of this hormone, which has been linked to lower uric acid excretion by urine.

As if that were not enough, whole grains are source of quality fiber and energy that we can include in the usual diet to control uric acid levels.

With them we can prepare sauteed, gratin, breakfast, salads and more.

These are the nine foods that help control uric acid in the blood as well as to prevent its concentration or high levels in the body.

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