The reason to deworm your pet in spring

The reason to deworm your pet in spring

How do they get to us? Fleas and ticks can enter homes through people’s clothing and hiding in pet beds or rugs, furniture, rugs or cracks and are capable of causing serious illness in dogs and cats and even humans.

“The importance of owners ensuring that dogs and cats have internal and external deworming optimal in spring season favors not only pets, but also people who live with them”.

“These parasites can produce infectious diseases transmissible to humans (zoonical), such as disease Lyme EhrlichiosisRocky Mountain Fever, and tularemia”, says Yon Alessander Palacio, technical manager of the Companion Animals Unit of MSD Animal Health in Mexico.

Therefore, it is important that pets actively and regularly monitor with your veterinarian (from 3 to 4 weeks), as he is the indicated specialist to prescribe the treatment that best suits your needs during the different seasons of the year.

To prevent parasites in the home and as an external deworming measure, it is important that the pet is checked carefully when returning from a walk outdoors. There are treatments that with a single dose provide protection against fleas and ticks up to 12 weeks.

The internal dewormingin pill form, can be given with food to provide protection against common intestinal parasites.

Both dogs and cats are highly sensitive to changes in temperature and especially to increases in temperature, so monitoring their behavior while they are exposed to the sun is crucial to identify any discomfort.