One of the data that should be known about this phone, to assess the time of use it reaches with a full charge, is the capacity offered by its internal battery. This reaches the 4,300 mAh, an amount that is correct considering that we are talking about a device that is below nine millimeters thick. Obviously, it is not the best that you are going to find in the market today, but it is not out of place despite the fact that much of its competition reaches four thousand five hundred.

A good detail that we want to highlight about this realme GT Master Edition is that its box includes the corresponding charger, which does not force you to have to resort to buying one if you do not have a model that is compatible with the technology SuperDart which is the one used by the computer. Therefore, take advantage of the maximum power of 65 W it is completely possible from the get-go. And this is very good news.

Better than expected

Despite the aforementioned of not reaching a particularly outstanding amperage, the general operation of this phone has left us quite good feelings. Thus, we have achieved more than decent times without having to resort to a plug and, a clear example of what we say, is that we have always exceeded the day of use if you do not commit great stridencies in the use of the terminal (abuse of the screen and, especially, the brightness that is set).

Realme GT Master Edition frequency

A detail to mention, and that we liked a lot, is that using the 120 Hz that allows at most the frequency on the screen integrated in the realme GT Master Edition is not a great handicap in the autonomy section. Thus, if many applications are used that allow to take advantage of this possibility, you will not lose more than 5% in the time of use. Therefore a very good panel has been chosen AMOLED Regarding energy consumption and, in addition, the balancing that the software performs to make the most of the battery has seemed quite successful.

Display always on, full

Here again we have obtained quite convincing results, and that they do not detract at all if we face the competition that have a 4,500 mAh battery. Without going any further in all the tests to which we constantly reproduce multimedia content, 14 hours are exceeded without the slightest problem… Always establishing a balance of brightness management. The truth is that the behavior is very good (even if the aforementioned parameter is not abused manually, you can reach twenty).

Autonomy of the realme GT Master Edition

By the way, in the different tests we carry out, we verify that in the aforementioned times they are practically always fulfilled if the WiFi connection or the data is used … as long as they are 4G. In the case of jumping to 5G, options that the realme GT Master Edition includes, things change a bit and we did notice a loss of practically 10% in the aforementioned brands. It is logical, but maybe we expected a somewhat less impact.

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The software affects

Apart from mentioning that the operating system used is AndroidIt must be said that the first impression that exists when the Battery section in the Settings is reviewed is something simple. It seems that there are few options available beyond a Savings Mode that is correct and being able to manage the operation of the terminal with the applications that you have installed regardless of whether they work in the foreground or in the background. But this is only a first impression, because if you use More drum settings you are going to find quite a few possibilities.

Among those that have caught our attention the most are Optimized wait and fast freeze of the application. The first regulates the operation of the terminal when it is not being used intensively, the truth is that the Balanced Mode seems like a success and we recommend that you use it. The second possibility is the one that allows you to establish which apps installed on the realme GT Master Edition will not have a very intense access to energy when it is in the background. A great success, but be careful with what you select, since for example if you establish restrictions in developments such as Spotify, it may close even when you are using it with the car radio.

Loading, the best of the terminal

If with the aforementioned it has become quite clear that the results obtained with the device are not bad at all, this is where the smartphone really stands out. Thanks to a power of 65 W and a great control of the temperature and of any parameter that can deviate and endanger the terminal, the times that are handled are excellent. An example of what we say is that you are going to get a fantastic surprise: in 30 minutes you can fill the battery completely. There is nothing.

It is important to mention that even using the realme GT Master Edition while charging we have not had special problems of intense heat in the equipment, and this speaks very well of the work done with SuperDart technology. The truth is that it is the best that you will be able to get in its range on the market and therefore it seems to us here a simple and straightforward team Excellent.

Opinion of the autonomy of Realme

Despite initial doubts when we review the charge of the phone’s battery, we have been quite satisfied with the results that we have obtained with this equipment in practically any situation. Good when it is used continuously and with the screen on, excellent management of the operation of the applications in the background seems to us that they give a very interesting plus to the terminal.

Realme GT Master Edition screen

With a spectacular fast charge that works well, wherever you look at it and that it is the best you can find, we believe that the realme GT Master Edition more than delivers and you will hardly find a smartphone in its range that is better. Therefore, this is clearly one of the reasons that may lead to the purchase of this product that we liked very much.