The Queen of the Amazons and mother Wonder Woman, has died

The Queen of the Amazons and mother Wonder Woman, has died

Trial of the Amazons or its Spanish version Trial of the Amazonsis the first crossover comic of DC that arises from wonder-woman Since the decade of the 90’s, as well as part of their plan to recover all the lost time, they come with great news, because the one that is the first issue in a long time, their first issue in decades, brings us strong news: “Wonder Woman’s mother, the former queen of the Amazons, beloved Lady Hippolyta, has passed away!”

I know, it’s a lot to digest, years without releasing a single new volume, and boom!, they launch a tremendous bomb, but now, what Lady Hippolyta has been poisoned and passed away, the new queen of Themyscira, Nubianwhich not only has to keep a peaceful check on the simmering tensions between the three kingdoms.

For among the three tribes of amazon-dom: the philosophical Themysciransthe warlike Bana-Mighdall and the mysterious sketchedand guide them in the best possible way, because the championship to see who is worth protecting the door to the underworld, has also begun, as well as clarifying who has murdered Hippolyta.

Then, Trial of the Amazonsin its first volume has launched a series of great and powerful news, that is why the collaboration of the teams behind wonder-woman, wonder girl and Nubia & the Amazonsshows us a rich history that also gives us the opportunity to see again the drawings of Joelle Jonesenjoying illustrating Yara Flor and the Esquecidas again.

All this arrives in volume #785 of wonder-womanwhich will be available starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15, don’t miss out on the adventures of Diana and the Amazon.

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