A couple of months ago a beta update arrived for certain PS5 players. Among the novelties that were provided at this time, the use of M.2 SSD memories to expand the storage of the console attracted attention. Now, today it has been announced that tomorrow, September 15th, this new firmware version will finally be available to the general public.

While the “second major update” of the PS5 includes a number of improvements, the most striking is the use of M.2 SSD memories. This will not only increase the available space, but The games and applications stored on this external unit will also be able to make use of the technical characteristics of the consolesuch as fast loading times.

However, not all memories are compatible. Sony has specifically mentioned that M.2 SATA SSDs are not supported. Similarly, SIE does not ensure that all compliant M.2 SSDs will be compatible with the console, and these parts require effective heat dissipation with a cooling system, such as a heat sink and transfer foil. of heat. These are the memory requirements:


On the other hand, this update also includes support for 3D Audio on televisions that provide this option. The option to choose between 720p and 1080p on PlayStation Now. A remote control that can be used from a mobile device. The PS4 and PS5 games will finally appear separate in the installed titles section. It will now be possible to track the progress of up to five trophies. The Control Center and Game Base have been improved to access and use these options more easily.

Remember, This update will be available to the general public from tomorrow. In related topics, Seagate has announced an SSD compatible with the PS5. In the same way, this is the price that some of these memories will have in Mexico.

Via: PlayStation

The PS5 will receive an update tomorrow

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