The professional world needs leadership with a humanistic profile

The professional world needs leadership with a humanistic profile

In this order of ideas, the person in charge must never lose sight of the fact that work teams are made up of human beings with legitimate aspirations, diverse profiles and divergent ways of responding to conflict situations.

Therefore, it is essential that the leader truly knows his staff and is perceived as close by them, so that he is able, in the exercise of his functions, to motivate the collaborators with the purpose of maximizing their performance potential.

When someone in a commanding position shows genuine interest in their work team, the results are palpable. A committed leader will seek to ensure that each member of the organizational structure has the necessary tools to fulfill the tasks that correspond to him.

The good boss learns to know the context in which he acts day by day, ensuring that there is integration within his area or department. The human sensitivity that this purpose demands consists of knowing how to identify the emotions, temperaments and thought patterns of the personnel under his responsibility.

Thus, it is verifiable that the plurality of positions or opinions within the work team should not be considered a weakness but, on the contrary, should be channeled intelligently so that it becomes a competitive advantage.

In a dynamic and efficient group of collaborators there is a fair distribution of subjects and roles, according to the different qualities and strengths of each one. Diversity enriches processes and generates effective complements in the work environment.

Both in life and in the professional arena, healthy coexistence does not lie in the absence of conflict, but in the ability to resolve conflicts by non-violent means. In this sense, the differences between elements in a work team tend to arise relatively frequently, which is inevitable.

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When these cases occur, the experienced boss will have the ability to analyze the scenario to propose solutions, encouraging the parties to engage in constructive dialogue and remember their shared responsibility, based on the mission and vision of the company or institution. It is clearly established that, in a work team without cohesion, it is practically impossible for the goals to be achieved within the established deadlines.