The producer of ‘Cobra Kai’ explains the future of the character Miguel Diaz

The producer of ‘Cobra Kai’ explains the future of the character Miguel Diaz

The most recent season of Cobra Kai fueled the tale, which seemed stagnant after the first three seasons, and shed light on new characters. These are figures who could take a key role in the next season, already filmed (while a sixth is in mind). On the other hand, the protagonists of the story are also on the move. One of them is Miguel Diaz, played by Xolo Maridueña.

Miguel Diaz was one of the narrative axes during the first three seasons. The relationship between him and Johnny Lawrence, played by William Zabka, has served to tell how both characters try to fill gaps in their lives. In the case of Miguel Diaz, it is about finding a father figure; As for Johnny Lawrence, his relationship with him works to seek a kind of redemption. However, in the fourth season of Cobra Kai something of that relationship was fragmented or mutated.

Miguel Diaz decided to go find his father, while Johnny Lawrence promised to look for the boy wherever he went. It is about a character, Diaz, who is transforming. The decision about his departure raised suspicions, because Xolo Maridueña is also being associated with the character of the Blue Beetle, within a production that is being developed based on the history of DC. What did the Cobra Kai production say regarding the character?

Cobra Kai, Miguel Diaz and the future of the character

During the last chapter of the fourth season of Cobra Kai, Miguel Diaz left a letter to his mother in which he wrote the following:

“The last few months have been a roller coaster ride. My injury, rehab, Sam (girlfriend) and myself, sensei (Lawrence) and Mr. LaRusso. I convinced myself that I could overcome it by concentrating on the tournament. I thought that if I won everything would work out, but I was wrong. Tell my sensei I’m sorry I left. His karate helped me grow, but I still don’t know who I want to be. And to find out, I think I need to know where I come from. “

The departure of the character has been interpreted as a definitive departure from the series. This has not been confirmed and, on the contrary, from the production it is explained that the decision also has a meaning that resonates with the philosophy that goes through The karate kid (1984) and Cobra Kai. Jon Hurwitz, part of the production team, explained during an interview in Comic book:

One of the great themes of the franchise karate Kid and Cobra Kai, are the mentors and students, parents and children. So when it comes to Miguel, we’ve been talking about his father since the beginning of the series. It’s something that has always been on our minds, that we would explore where Miguel comes from and who his father was at some point ”.

Digging deeper into that idea, Jon Hurwitz added:

Just as Miguel feels at the end of the season that he and Johnny are the most solid foundation he has ever had., the scene at the end of episode eight occurs, where Johnny is drunk. And remember Miyagi drunk in karate Kid. Miguel goes in there and is taking care of him. There is a kind of emotional scene between the two, which ends with Johnny saying, “I love you too, Robby (referring to his son).”

This is a possible explanation for Miguel Diaz’s need in relation to the search for answers. How do you understand Miguel Diaz’s reaction, from the production point of view? Jon Hurwitz explained: “Miguel’s interpretation of that (the final context of the season) is not to return to the mat, it is to follow what is in his heart and what is important for him to explore in his world ”.

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