The PowerToys are updated to version 0.47 and can now be downloaded from Microsoft Store and Github

The PowerToys are updated to version 0.47 and can now be downloaded from Microsoft Store and Github

A few days ago we saw how the PowerToys released a download method. It was no longer mandatory to go to Github, since they can already be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. And so we already have version 0.47 with us of the PowerToys in the stable channel.

Nothing to do with the experimental 0.46 version that we already saw and that could only be downloaded from Github. Version 0.47 arrives with fixes and improvements that include the Ability to activate the Shortcut Guide at the touch of a key.

Improvements and fixes

  • The bug that appeared with the new updates, which caused the PowerToys installation location to change, has been corrected.
  • Fixed the Configuration bug with NumberBox elements overlaid on the delete button.
  • Fixed issue with bug reporting tool not generating .zip files.
  • The experience of configuring shortcuts in Settings has been improved.
  • Fixed the crash that caused the inconsistent width of sidebar icons.
  • Fixed sidebar UI not scaling for longer text strings in certain locations.
  • Fixed issue with settings that was not displaying invalid keystroke assignments.
  • User defined shortcuts have been added when set to “Welcome to PowerToys” instead of the default shortcuts.
  • Accessibility issues have been fixed in the color picker.
  • Have been added CIELAB and CIEXYZ color formats.
  • Fixed bug where changing RGB values ​​manually does not automatically update the displayed color.
  • In the fancyzones fixed issues with the grid layout editor It did not show the “Save” and “Cancel” buttons.
  • Fixed accessibility issue where users could not add or merge zones using keyboard.
  • A flyout has been added that describes the prerequisites for the “Allow zones to span across monitors” option.
  • PDF thumbnail view added for Windows Explorer.
  • Default values ​​have been added for newly added sizes.
  • Regression fix where spaces in filename format setting could not be registered.
  • Fixed the scaling issues with the Image Resizer window.
  • Fixed issue where PowerToys hangs when json configuration is not formatted correctly.
  • In keyboard manager fixed crash when adding a shortcut.
  • The problem with the Remaps window not being displayed has been solved.
  • In PowerToys Run Subtitle design improvements are coming for the configuration plugin.
  • Path filters are added for the config plugin via the> key.
  • Translation improvements for the configuration plugin.
  • Translation support is added for the configuration plugin.
  • The problem is solved with PowerToys Run that was not in focus when launched.
  • Fixed the crash of empty / deleted environment variables when updating variables after a change.
  • The registry plugin query results are corrected.
  • Fix crash in registry plugin queries.
  • Fix crash when Windows shuts down.
  • Better description added in global results settings for plugins.
  • A confirmation box is added before executing system commands.
  • Added option to use system localization our universal terminology for system commands.

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