The population prefers to listen to new music

The population prefers to listen to new music

Data from MRC Data and Billboard show that the population prefers to listen to music that is more than 18 months olda reality that has strengthened several albums thanks to the presence of the streaming.

Today (and even for thousands of years in the past) lMusic has an indispensable role in the daily life of human beings.who have within their reach endless artistic pieces to delight their ears on different occasions, whether in those special events or simply within their work or school life, a reality that digitization has managed to promote and benefit different brands.

According to study of My day Research where the number of subscribers of music services in streaming Worldwide during the second quarter of 2021 per platform, Spotify managed to dominate the sector by registering 162 thousand 410 million listeners, in second was placed Manzana Music with 78 thousand 590 million, in third Tencent Music with 68 thousand 110 million, in fourth Amazon Music with 68 thousand 110 million and in fifth YouTube Music with 41 thousand 910 million, among other platforms such as NetEase, Deezer, Yandezetc.

Of course, in the market that consumes music you still have some options in physical format, such as CD’s, vinyl records and even the most classic, the cassettes; however, digital platforms have managed to position themselves strongly thanks to the fact that listeners can access music whenever they want.

In a study carried out by the IFPI on the why the population listens to music through the services of streaming Worldwide62 percent of respondents mention that it is because they have immediate access to millions of songs, 61 percent because of the possibility of listening to what they want at the time they want and 47 percent do it because it is the way ” more convenient” for listening to music.

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Bearing in mind that one of the main attractions of the streaming music is that you can listen to your favorite song anytime and anywhere thanks to its fast access, the population has shown that they prefer to delight their ears and listen to “not so recent” musicsince the graph shown above with information from MRC Data Y Billboard shows that music less than 18 months old during 2021 was listened to “only” by 30.2 percent of Americans; in contrast, 69.8 percent preferred to listen to songs that were over 18 months old.

This may be due to a myriad of factors to consider, such as the fact that new artists have not yet fully won over most generations of listeners, or simply due to certain “trends” of series that have been seen using musical pieces. more “older” and increasing the number of fans of artists who today can no longer be appreciated live.

An example of this can be found with the song by Kate Bush who interpreted Running Up That Hillsong released during 1985 but currently number 5 on the charts Billboard Hot 100, but how did it achieve such a position more than 30 years after its launch? simple, the new season of stranger things integrated the song in one of its chapters and later its fans did not hesitate to search for it through the respective platforms of streaming musical.

Digitization has allowed even the oldest pieces of music to continue to gain fans. from anywhere in the world and at any time, propelling these songs to millions of listeners with a relatively “easy” appearance in a series or even through viral videos.

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