Through the FCC, the new POCO M4 Pro has been seen again, this time confirming some of its first features such as its mobile connectivity, its amount of RAM or its internal storage.

Under model number 2109116AG, the POCO M4 Pro has been certified again, heralding an almost imminent launch. What’s more, this time apparently there will be no 4G model, just a variant with 5G.

First features of the POCO M4 Pro

YES, this new certification does not reveal characteristics related to its processor or screen, it does confirm that the POCO M4 Pro will have up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. In itself there will be a variant with 4 / 64GB and another with 6 / 128GB.

POCO M4 Pro Certification

In addition, as we can see in the image the POCO M4 Pro will have 5G, NFC, WiFi compatible with the 5GHz band and also a headphone jack with which you can also tune the FM radio.

Beyond that, everything remains a mystery though rumors suggest that inside we will find a MediaTek processor, probably some variant of the Dimensity 700 or 800 and that will also bring with it a screen whose refresh rate will reach at least 90Hz.