The first of these calls on Aeromexico to “act quickly” to conclude the restructuring process with the exit financing package that is most likely to ensure an exit from Chapter 11 before the end of 2021, and “provide the company with the resources and the experience necessary to prosper as the main airline in Mexico in an increasingly competitive Latin American market ”.

“Although the company’s plan is important in the bankruptcy process, it is also important that Aeroméxico rebuilds from a solid position in 2022 and can grow the airline in the future,” says the letter presented to the Southern District Court. from New York.

In addition, ASPA considered that “it is imperative” that Delta – which to date has 49% of Aeroméxico’s capital stock – supports the terms and structure of the outbound financing package, and that it continues to offer financial, operational and strategic support to the company. airline.

Finally, the pilots union considered essential that the airline emerge from Chapter 11 with a majority of Mexican shareholders, as required by the Foreign Investment Law. “It is critical that the exit financing package fully comply with Mexican law by including a group of Mexican shareholders that can help Aeroméxico prosper as the company recovers from the pandemic.”

ASPA represents nearly 1,800 Aeroméxico and Aeroméxico Connect pilots, and is one of the five members of the committee of unsecured creditors in Aeroméxico’s restructuring process under Chapter 11.

Between July and August, ASPA sold part of the debt recognized by Grupo Aeroméxico to Barclay’s, in two transactions for 268 million dollars and 45 million dollars, which gave the pilots liquidity on these commitments.

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