The Perforated Paper Viral Trick To Use The Hot Air Fryer Without Mess – Does It Work? | Technology

The Perforated Paper Viral Trick To Use The Hot Air Fryer Without Mess – Does It Work?  |  Technology

Users continue to discover and share tips for oil-free fryers, an increasingly popular household appliance in Spain.

Although a couple of years ago they were barely known, since 2021 they have been living an explosion of sales in the market for oil-free fryers. This popularization has also caused that there are more and more tips and tricks that users share on social networks.

Although they are also called oilless fryers, it is actually more accurate to say that they are hot air fryers. In case you want to know more about these appliances, we have prepared a buying guide with all the information you need, but we anticipate that one of their main advantages is in how easy they are to use and clean.

Regarding its use, you can find a multitude of tricks on social networks, but they are not always useful. One of them is the insert a perforated paper inside And there are tons of versions that you can see on TikTok.

Perforated paper is inserted so that the fresh air moves more quickly and reaches the food that is being cooked inside from more angles. But the most important thing is that it is supposed to also helps the inside of the appliance to get less dirty without stopping the air flow.

On pages like Mashable They have tried this trick with different foods and the results have been mixed in terms of the objectives they were looking for.

The result is that the layers of paper do absorb some of the fat that give off food, but most of it scattered across the background just as if there were no protection at all. It was of hardly any use. In addition, the food was prepared in a similar way to when it is made without that perforated paper.

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The result was that the time spent piercing the paper was not worth it because none of the expected objectives were achieved.

Anyway, if you have to clean the fryer without oil We must recommend that you follow some of these very easy and quick tricks that will leave it as new. These do work.