As the years go by, various institutions dependent on the United States government begin to pay more attention to sightings of Ufo. Not precisely because they are concerned about the possible visit of an alien race to Earth – which too -, but because of the obvious dangers they pose to North American aviation. Faced with such a risk, the Pentagon He has decided to take the matter more seriously.

During this week, the Pentagon announced the formation of a special unit whose objective will be to study UFOs and “mitigate” the threats associated with them. Basically, they seek to prevent Unidentified Flying Objects, regardless of their origin, from becoming a danger to the United States. One of the most important aspects of the initiative is that they will also collect the information obtained by other government institutions.

The “Group for the Identification and Management of Airborne Objects”, as the unit has been christened, it will help “detect, identify and assign objects of interest” in the airspace. This was announced by Kathleen Hicks, United States Under Secretary of Defense, in a statement collected by the BBC.

Once its operation starts, the aforementioned group will also have the responsibility of recommend policies related to the aviation sector. These will be based, of course, on the data obtained in his permanent research on UFOs. The interesting thing here is to know if the Pentagon is really interested in sharing the information it collects. Certainly some will be in the public domain, but others will be kept secret.

The Pentagon doesn’t know much about UFOs either

Obviously, we are facing an unprecedented movement for the organism. It shows that after decades they are taking the situation with the seriousness it deserves. In addition, this special unit was born after the Pentagon itself offered a UFO report that, honestly, did not contribute much to the study of the phenomenon.

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On June 26, thousands of people – including us – were attentive to the release of a report that, in principle, would answer key questions in relation to UFOs. Unfortunately, the document was not conclusive. According to the Pentagon, the data they had at that time was not sufficient to “draw firm conclusions about the nature or intent of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP),” as they know UFOs.

We will see if the panorama changes now that there is a group of people totally dedicated to the investigation of UFOs.