This Thursday the first World of Balloons, a tournament that was born after a viral video and that brings together 32 participants from around the world who seek to win what will be the first of several trophies. As unusual as it is compelling, this championship was created together by the Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos and the footballer Gerard Piqué.

The idea came after a post by two young Americans who filmed themselves having fun at home with a balloon. The recording, in which both are seen running through the living room of their home and jumping between furniture to reach the ball and prevent it from touching the ground, drew the attention of millions of people who today can follow the World Cup live .

Due to the originality of the contest, the World of Balloons It is a trend on Twitter and there are more than 600 thousand people from all over the planet following the transmission. In a couple of hours the great champion will be known.

The rules

-Two players face.

-The court has the size of 8 meters by 8 meters and contains various obstacles, such as flowerpots, armchairs, tables and other types of furniture. They can vary as the rounds progress.

-Each one must try to prevent the balloon thrown by his opponent from falling to the ground.

-Every time a player makes the balloon touch the ground, they will receive a point.

-The confrontations last two minutes. Whoever gets the most points wins. In the event of a tie, there is a “golden globe”, in which the fans of the court come on and the ball can only be touched with the head or the legs. The final is five minutes.

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-The balloon can only be touched by hand.

-You can only touch the balloon, then it is the turn of the other participant.

-You can only hit the balloon from the bottom up.

Participating teams

Germany, Andorra, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, United States, France, Georgia, Equatorial Guinea, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru , Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Senegal, Sweden, Ukraine, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Format, transmission and awards

The duels are direct elimination and begin in the 16th round. In total, 20 thousand euros (USD 23.2 thousand) will be distributed and the champion will take 10 thousand euros (USD 11.6 thousand). Everything can be followed through the Ibai Llanos Twitch channel.

Quarter finals

Spain vs. Morocco

Argentina vs. Peru

Brazil vs. Bolivia

Andorra vs the winner of Senegal-Germany

Spectators of the World Balloons (@BalloonWorldCup)


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