The Palacio de Hierro requests doctors for this position

The Palacio de Hierro requests doctors for this position
The effects of the pandemic have been devastating and can be seen across the board. To date, the fear persists in part of the population to leave their homes due to the risk of contagion. While on the other hand, it has also caused greater attention to health. As a consequence, more job opportunities have opened up for doctors and that is a favorable aspect for you.

Only during 2020 were they hired more than 40 thousand health professionals to reinforce care within hospitals. The main objective was to avoid the collapse of the health system due to the exponential increase in patients. It is not only about those infected with Covid-19 but also those who required other types of services.

For their part, more and more public and private companies have chosen to incorporate doctors into their organization chart. Such is the case of the Palacio de Hierro, one of the most important department stores in Mexico. In fact, a call was just published and you can participate.

In this case, general practitioners are requested for the different branches that the company has. One of the main objectives is to take care of the health of the employees and carry out checks at the time of entry to detect possible infections.

Goal of the position

Safeguard the health status of employees through internal company policies and protocols, as well as the correct execution of the health programs of the business units of El Palacio de Hierro and subsidiaries, respecting the current Health regulations of the corresponding locality .

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Functions and responsibilities

  • Execute health, prevention and well-being programs, ensuring compliance with the rules and policies that the Ministry of Labor and Health in the EPH business units.
  • Provide medical care to internal and external personnel in the business units, safeguarding the confidentiality of the personnel who require the Medical Service.
  • Perform admission, special, follow-up and pre-retirement medical examinations.
  • Coordinate and apply preventive health campaigns in accordance with the Health, Labor and BAL Group regulations, conducting Safety and Hygiene tours in accordance with the regulations in force in the locality.
  • Detect occupational and environmental risk factors in health, as well as correct epidemiological surveillance of your unit based on internal guidelines in accordance with current regulations.
  • Communicate the health results of each unit to the Medical Coordination, Unit Management, HR and the area that requests it.


  • Bachelor of Medicine, General Medicine, Surgeon, Surgeon and Midwife.
  • 2 years of experience.
  • Written and spoken English.

If you are interested in the vacancy, you can apply directly with El Palacio de Hierro in the following link.