In the context of the pandemic, e-commerce became the growth tool for companies par excellence. Only in 2020, two out of ten had a 300% growth in this area, compared to the previous year, and it is estimated that at the end of 2021, online sales represent more than 30% of total sales for 19% of e-commerce businesses in Mexico; This according to the COVID-19 Impact report in Online Sales Mexico.

In this context, and taking into account that Mexico allocates more than three quarters of its exports to the US market, according to information from the World Bank; Selling on Amazon United States becomes an increasingly attractive option to expand your business internationally.

USA is one of the largest e-commerce countries in the world. The growing demand for fast deliveries among American consumers and the more than 30 million Hispanics in its territory, make the USA a great option to start the international expansion of your business with more than 215 million unique monthly visitors and more than 150 million Prime users in the same country.

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The advantages

In addition to the great potential that ecommerce has on a global level, there are many advantages that are obtained with Amazon. Starting because practically any company, whether small, medium or large, can sell there and cross borders.

On the other hand, since third-party sellers began selling on Amazon in 1999, their sales have grown to represent 61% of them throughout the platform today. This implies that third party sales grow 52% annually.

Added to this are the following three main benefits of selling on Amazon:

– If you register to sell on, your account is instantly enabled to sell in the United States and Canada.

– The platform offers you all the tools to carry out secure transactions online. Which makes it a familiar and reliable shopping experience.

– All the experience and infrastructure of Amazon for delivery logistics is at your disposal. You just have to send your product and they will take care of the rest with the seal of customer service that distinguishes the company today.

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The process

The first thing to do to start expanding your business in the United States is to define the products you want to market, after having carried out a study process that helps you define how competitive it could be against the North American market. That is, how desirable your product could be for the US market.

Once you’ve done that first step, you can start the following process:

1. Register as an Amazon seller in Mexico: Enter here ( Your seller account in Mexico allows you to start selling in the United States and Canada as well.

2. Access (United States): Your Seller Central account as a professional seller in Mexico gives you access to sell on Amazon United States and Canada at no additional cost. If you have questions or need a guide, this link is for you (

3. Create your catalog: Just as you did in Mexico, upload your catalog to (United States). Consider that this time it should be in English.

4. Ship your products: Amazon sellers have two options to get their products to buyers. You can do it yourself, keeping your own inventory and shipping products directly to customers, or you can let Amazon take responsibility for packaging, labeling, and shipping of products through their fulfillment service.

5. Manage your business: Your first sale is a great achievement, but it is only the beginning of many growth opportunities. Once your store is up and running, you should keep in mind how to set an annual sales and marketing budget. It is also necessary to maintain a recurring inventory destined for your international sale and to follow up on your strategy.

At each stage of this process, Amazon has different resources that can help you. This includes a Network of Service Providers, whom you can hire depending on the needs of your company.

Image: Courtesy Amazon
Image: Courtesy Amazon

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