The novelties of the Waves 2.0 update were presented in Tenerife

The novelties of the Waves 2.0 update were presented in Tenerife

A few days ago the presentation of the Waves 2.0 update. This event, held at the end of February, featured important players in the blockchain technology sector.

The project Waves was born with the idea of ​​creating a “blockchain for people. This update seeks to improve the adoption of this technology by users. Waves 2.0 seeks to offer improvements in terms of accessibility, speed and security.

Kijora, a marketing agency specialized in cryptocurrencies, has been the one who has organized the event in the town of Costa Adeje.

Waves 2.0 has had two representatives of the organization. These have been responsible for explaining the news that will arrive this year.

Waves developers are currently working on a improved version of Waves Consensus. Work is being done on the development of Practical Proof-of-Stake Sharding. This solution will be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Through this update, the development capabilities on this network should be improved.

The update of this blockchain wants to become a reference in the Web3. It tries to position itself as an alternative for the development of solutions for this ecosystem. It also delves into the DeFi segment and much more.

What is waves

It is a blockchain with a programming language that seeks to simplify the development of creating smart contracts, tokens and dApss. It is based on Scala, an open source programming language with interoperability with Java. The Waves 2.0 update focuses on developing solutions for Web3 and DeFi, among others.

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