The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller is now cheaper

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller is now cheaper


buy a new nintendo switch controller can be very expensive, especially if we talk about the Joy-Con. Many users have suffered drift problems on their consoles, so they have been forced to take it to Nintendo’s technical service. There is a cheapest solution than you think, since the Joy-Con controller is sold individually and now it only costs 36.99 euros on Amazon. Right now it’s 26 percent off, which will allow you save some more money.

Joy-Con controls easily exceed 60 euros, but the drift can affect one of them. Therefore, a good alternative is to buy this right Joy-Con controller for 36.99 euros. This product actually costs 50 euros, but with the discount of 26% you can save at least 13 euros. In any case, you can consult a complete buying guide with the best controllers for nintendo switch to find more options compatible.

The right Joy-Con controller now costs 36.99 euros

Nintendo sells Joy-Con controllers separately.

It’s about a official product from Nintendo, so it is fully compatible with your console. The Joy-Cons have motion sensor and can also be undocked from the Nintendo Switch for play with a single I control some games. You can’t do that with other traditional controllers because they don’t have the same features.

This controller has everything you need to renew the old, especially if it has been damaged. The change is very easy, since you only have to sync remote with the console and start playing. This model is the classic neon red which includes its strap for games like Nintendo Switch Sports.

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is the best alternative buy if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. The Joy-Con controller it costs only 36.99 euros and it will help you to renew your peripheral in case of drift. Especially if your console no longer under warrantyis a good solution and the cheapest you can find.

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