In the past we were wary of Microsoft patents. The reality is that companies file countless patents every year and most of them are never seen. However, in recent years we have seen many of Microsoft’s patents materialize in different products such as Surface Duo and Surface Neo. Now we see a patent of what could be Surface Book 4.

Surface Book 4 could change its design and resemble the iPad keyboard

The Surface Book It is a device with a different design that leaves no one indifferent. Some of us love it, like Pablo Oraá or a server, and others find it an error due to its open hinge. A new patent suggests that we could see a sea change in the design of Surface Book 4 or have a Surface Studio Mini.

“A hinge on a computing device includes a primary bracket that connects a display to a bracket”says the abstract of the patent. “As the screen rotates around the mount, the primary mount slides along a friction strip, which stabilizes the screen relative to the mount. A stabilizer can connect the stand to the base or the stand to the screen.

At first glance, the patent sketches look a bit like the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad. It seems that the design allows the screen to rest at different angles, thanks to a stabilizing part.

It is not the first time that we have seen a design of this style. We had already seen it in the Acer ConceptD 3 and the HP Elite Folio. These devices allow us to tilt the screen so that the only thing that is visible is the trackpad. That is why we consider that it could be a renewal of the Surface Book 4 or an adaptation of the Surface Studio to a portable device.

One of the “downsides” to the Surface Book is your ultrabook processor. This radically limits its power when it is on the screen of the device. This new design would allow a much more powerful Surface Book to be made while retaining its original idea.