The next Need For Speed ​​would only come to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

The next Need For Speed ​​would only come to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

In 2022 it will be three years since the last game of need for speed, Need for Speed: Heat, and EA has been suspiciously silent about it. However, according to Jeff Grubb, it is possible that the franchise will receive another installment towards the end of the year.

In a discussion on Grubb’s Giant Bomb show Grubbsnax, the host stated that EA has big plans for Need for Speed ​​before the end of 2022. Grubb claims not only that the community should expect some big news and reveals in the coming months, but also that the franchise could be willing to abandon the last generation consoles (PS4 / Xbox One).

Grubb has claimed that the next need for speed should be out sometime in November, and that EA is targeting the holiday release season to try and maximize the amount of hype a new NFS could garner.

Of course, it would have been foolish to hope that there wouldn’t be any NFS in EA’s list of games currently in active development, but what’s surprising is that this game will apparently be exclusive to consoles. Playstation 5 Y xbox series x.

Although Grubb was almost completely sure that the new need for speed would come out in the holiday season as a next-gen exclusive, he was not positive about the game’s setting. In this sense, he said that the game could be set in Miami, and that it would be similar to the Underground games in some aspects, although it is better to take this with reservations.

This means that while some in the community hoped that EA would produce a Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2, this game probably won’t tick all the boxes.

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Since the classic games of need for speed were delisted last year, EA’s intention could be that the new NFS offers a similar gaming experience to some of its older predecessors, and the Underground could use a remake.

On the other hand, if Grubb is correct that the game is set in Miami, then the title could, in fact, be a direct sequel to NFS: Heat.