The new update of Red Dead Online brings with it the Quick Draw 4 Club among other novelties

The new update of Red Dead Online brings with it the Quick Draw 4 Club among other novelties

As it happens every week, a new Red Dead Online update is available now, bringing with it varied content to keep the Wild West alive and its player base that has been growing by the day. Although, in this new weekly update of the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, players can have fun with new missions, rewards and much more, plus the Quick Draw 4 Club is also available.

However, today the Quick Draw 4 club has started, where we will have the opportunity to obtain exotic rewards such as the Dunster outfit and the hand-decorated Mauser pistol. If you have already made the first three Quick Draw, when you buy the fourth you will unlock the Halloween Pass 2 this month of October. If you get the Quick Draw 4 Club Pass, you will receive 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones and a discount of 10 gold bars in the sampling kit.

Regarding this week’s bonuses, if you track down wild creatures, seize them and sell them to Miss Harriet Davenport, you will get double RDO $ and RPG EXP until October 11. Give Harriet 3 samples and you’ll earn 2,000 Naturalista XP and a 40% discount on a Beginner or Promise level Naturalista item. In addition, during this week, everyone who enters Red Dead Online, will receive Predator Baits and 3 Herbivore Baits. Naturalists who are level 5 or higher will be rewarded with 5 camouflage tonics and 200 rounds of tranquilizer ammunition for the Varmint rifle.

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If you prefer poaching over sedating animals, you’ll get a 40% discount on the Constant or Remarkable Level Naturalist item you choose for hunting and skinning any Legendary animal. On the other hand, if you create any item in Gus’s shop, you will get a 30% discount on the Elephant Rifle and 50 units of Nitro Rapid Ammo as a gift. We add that if you sell fish in any butcher, you will get a bonus of 50% more than RDO $.

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During this day, Blackwater will be the only city that will need you in To Arms and will offer you a significant bonus of 50% more RDO $ and EXP. But from October 8-11, the residents of the MacFarlane Ranch are the ones who will need your support. Now, finally, we leave you with the discounts of the week with the new Red Dead Online update:

  • Discount of 5 gold bars in the sampling kit.
  • 30% off the Varmint Rifle and Harriet’s selection of tonics.
  • 30% on Bow and Upgraded Bow at Armories.
  • The rod costs 40% less in the catalog and all the fishing lures are half price.
  • 30% in Irish Percheron horses.
  • Boots lowered by 40%.

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