The new Samsung Galaxy S22 would be much more expensive than expected | Technology

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 would be much more expensive than expected |  Technology

The latest rumors suggest that the devices of the Samsung Galaxy S22 family will have a price increase compared to the previous generation of Samsung devices.

The beginning of 2022 is marked by the launch of various mobile devices. Some companies have ventured to present their high-end devices for this year as soon as they start it, while other companies prefer to save them for much later.

To date, the ones that generate the most expectations are the new Samsung terminals. The Galaxy S22 family will be one of the main ranges of devices that mark the aesthetic and technical lines of Android devices that are launched throughout the year.

The rumors we have had about these devices are many, although to date all of them have been informative about their technical specifications and design. But throughout today, we have known a rumor that speaks directly about the prices of these devices.

The information comes from the hand of a Twitter user who is dedicated to filtering information about different mobile devices. In the tweet what he has commented is that the new Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a higher price than expected.

The price increase would be almost 90 euros in all models compared to the devices of the last generation. It may not seem like much, but these devices will be launched with prices that are around and, many times, exceed 1000 euros.

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What is rumored is that the Galaxy S22 arrives with a starting price in the cheapest model of 899 euros, while the Galaxy S22 Plus reaches 1,099 euros and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the most expensive of the three in the most basic model with its 1,299 euros.

We will have to wait until February 8 to find out if these prices are Samsung’s real. We hope that the South Korean firm has not decided to raise the prices of its devices so much, but everything can be possible. We will tell you about our experience in the analysis when we get to test them.