The new Roomba solves the biggest problem that all robot vacuum cleaners have

The new Roomba solves the biggest problem that all robot vacuum cleaners have

iRobot seems to have found the solution for prevent your robot vacuum cleaners from colliding with the most common objects in the home. The company He has launched an update, available on your Roomba j7 and j7 Plus, which allows you to avoid shoes, cables, shoelaces or even the Christmas tree.

The new function, called “holiday tree recommendations”, Arrives just in time for the Christmas season, where the robot vacuum cleaners usually collide with the Christmas tree and end up knocking it down due to the little stability of the fir base. According The Verge, the update is based on an artificial intelligence system that was designed primarily to avoid wires and pet feces. This one, in particular, is able to recognize and categorize objects, such as socks, shoelaces, sneakers, etc. and dodge them. In addition, and unlike the possibility of creating cleaning areas through the mapping system, Roomba’s AI can clean more precisely around that object.

In addition to the Christmas tree, the Roomba J7 and J7 + they can also recognize socks, shoes or laces that may be found on the ground. Another novelty of the latest update, which is free and is already beginning to reach all users, is the possibility of creating a cleaning area so that the robot can go directly from its base to that area.

Roomba can now transfer home maps to new robots

In parallel, iRobot has also announced the possibility of transfer home maps from one robot to another. As long as, yes, both devices have the smart mapping function. This feature can be useful, for example, if a user has purchased a new robot. Or, if you plan to purchase an additional Roomba for your home. This way, the new device does not have to perform the slow and tedious initial recognition.

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The Roomba J7 and J7 + also maintain some of their most differential functions. Among them, the possibility of activating cleaning when they detect that the owner leaves the house. Also the silent scrolling, which prevents noise when moving or a function that tells the user what the estimated cleaning time will be.