It is undeniable that the relationship with our homes has changed with the pandemic and the health crisis. A crisis that has made us reflect on our way of life and that has given us a new vision; hishome as a personal refuge. To this must be added the energy crisis and the need to be more sustainable, which leads us to assume a series of changes in housing that also affect the luxury market.

And it is that luxury no longer translates into rich materials or decorative excesses. The report “The New Luxury” prepared by VIVA Sotheby’s International Realty, points out that among the most prestigious clientele and with greater purchasing power, the most demanded when looking for a new home is the search for well-being.

A well-being that translates into houses with fireplaces, efficient heating systems and lots of outside light. Some demands that can be transferred (although with other dimensions and locations) to the entire real estate market. People now look for houses that are a place to relax.

The VIVA Sotheby’s report highlights the differences that existed before between the Spanish market and other countries. Some differences that have been diluted after the pandemic.

“If we compare ourselves with the rest of Europe, the conception we had of housing in Spain was far from that of our neighboring countries. However, the pandemic has caused us to now see our home as something more than the place where we are going to sleep. The restriction of movements or less security in public places have caused us to look for something else in those four walls, that we look for a home “, comment Alejandra Vanoli, Managing Director of VIVA Sotheby’s International Realty, “in this sense, the desire for well-being is reflected, for example, in an improvement in indoor environmental quality.

From Sotheby’s you show us some of the most welcoming homes that meet the well-being criteria and are perfect for gathering with family and friends in the warmth of home.

A great apartment in the Salamanca district

This apartment located in the Salamanca district of Madrid includes one of the most demanded elements. A large fireplace lounge. This apartment also has high quality details such as heated marble floors (underfloor heating) or integrated sound in all rooms. Its excellent location allows you to enjoy the city center and its vibrant Christmas life in a simple walk.

Sotheby S Madrid Velazquez 45 High Quality Copy

Tranquility and privacy in El Escorial

On the contrary, if what you are looking for is the tranquility and privacy of the outskirts, this palace in El Escorial has large rooms such as the games room or the garden with different terraces, as well as incorporating high quality materials.

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Mediterranean Christmas


The change of conception as far as housing is concerned also translates into a increased demand for property search in places previously only conceived as second homes. A trend that is being seen above all in the Balearic Islands, where new construction operations since 2019 have shot up to 45%, when the national average is 40%. And it is that the climate of the archipelago, its proximity and good connection with the peninsula and the rest of Europe makes an island like Menorca with houses as spectacular as this rental property, which has a romantic garden, living room with fireplace and even a small farm of organic farming, are the claim for many of those who want to change their way of life.

Bec D Aguila 61 Copy

The Menorca house has recovered the original hydraulic floors and the luxury is in taking advantage of the space to include a bar area in a passage area (it can also be small as in this house on the Costa Brava).


In the heat of the fire with two practical armchairs around a round rug.

Bec D Aguila 25

One of the bedrooms in pink and nude tones with a work headboard with bedside tables included.

Bec D Aguila 33 Copy

A bathroom to enjoy relaxation in a freestanding bathtub with views.

Inspiration in the bathroom;  15 bathrooms with freestanding bathtubs in which to relax and take a good rest

A fairytale setting

And in search of that change of life and new experiences, another destination to enjoy the winter that is increasing in demand is Galicia, where VIVA Sotheby’s International Realty has pazos such as Carabal_Urzáiz, in the province of Pontevedra, in the which offers the experience of living in a 14th century building surrounded by 4 hectares of land, and being able to enjoy all the charm of a property with a granary, chapel, swimming pool and games room that make it a unique home.

Pazourzaiz34 Copy

Via VIVA Sotheby’s International Realty

It has inspired us:

A large irregularly contoured solid wood dining table similar to the Kave Home cover. Alaia model in acacia wood and 160 x 90 cm steel legs for 609 euros

Alaia table in solid acacia wood and black steel legs 160 x 90 cm

Alaia table in solid acacia wood and black steel legs 160 x 90 cm

In El Corte Inglés a green velvet armchair with golden legs, Creek model for 199 euros

Armchair upholstered in velvet with golden leg Creek El Corte Inglés

Armchair upholstered in velvet with golden leg Creek El Corte Inglés

A natural and black wicker dining chair from Made, model Jurupa for 189 euros

Dining chair, natural wicker and black Jurupa

Dining chair, natural wicker and black Jurupa